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During my trip to the Burlington, VT farmer’s market, I stopped briefly to chat with “Mr. Hoff.”  I was intrigued by his stand and quickly found that he has created dozens of original and highly inventive harmonica cases. I honestly have never seen anything quite like it. Each case that had been created has its own story behind it and I also learned that none of them were for sale.  Just solely for crafting!  

I started to get a closer look at the case made almost entirely of Legos and as it turns out, it was made for him him by his young grandson (who I believe he said was 5 years old.) And after learning my name was Dari, he showed me one of a dairy farm that he made—would have been very fitting! (But jokes aside, it was pretty awesome to see the different types of materials that he’s able to use to create these cases all by hand.) 

I have to say that the best part, besides meeting some very friendly strangers (always a nice change from New York!) was that he left me with instructions to create my own case!  

But you can check out his site here:


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